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An untouched and classic mid-century design! Captured and preserved, this models centered single basin is flanked beautifully on either side by spacious twin drainboards affording plenty of room for food prep and dish racks. Also give notice to the integrated and classic soap dish that is located just left of the faucet location. Manufactured in-house from durable, reinforced cast acrylic, this reproduction combines durability with ease of care while maintaining an authentic vintage look. Quality assured by our five-year manufacturer’s warranty and your satisfaction guaranteed or your money back per our 30 day return policy.

  • Great for the kitchen or mud room.
  • Both right and left sides feature fluted drainboards while the center has a single basin for washing.
  • Molded in soap dish left of the faucet location.
  • Integrated 4″ backsplash.
  • Standard faucet holes are drilled on 8″ centers.
  • Optional 4th hole for sprayer or soap dispenser.
  • Drain hole measures 3.5″ in diameter.
  • Overall dimensions: 54″ L x 23.5″ W (front to back) x 5.25″ H (from bottom flange to the top of backsplash, 10.5″ when including sink basin.
  • Basin measures 20″L x 15.25″ W x 6.5″ deep
  • All measurements (±1/4″).



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Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 57 × 26 × 13 in
Available Colors

White, Biscuit, Almond

Optional drilling for sprayer / soap dispenser

Add None (standard 3 hole as shown), Add 1 additional hole to the right of standard 3 holes

16 reviews for Single Bowl with Double Drainboards – Model #SBDW5424

  1. Ellen McGovern

    We had been looking for a porcelain sink to replace a very old stainless one with 2 drainboards, and read about these sinks on several sites which recommended products for older houses or for those who loved the look of the country kitchen kind of sink. The real porcelain ones are very difficult to have redone well, and very, very heavy ….which certainly affects shipping costs and construction work. The new porcelain ones are very costly and we could not find one like our old one, with the 2 drainboards. The one we purchased…the above model, had the exact dimensions of our old one. Additionally, it shipped very quickly, was very securely packaged and even more lovely than in the photos. We could not be more pleased with the product and the customer service. The sink is truly beautiful….everyone has commented positively, and seem surprised to discover it is not porcelain…..the look is quite authentic.

  2. Ellen McGovern

    I had intended 5 stars in my review…..definitely 5 stars.

  3. Eric Bynum

    Beautiful, lightweight, and easy to work with. Did I mention beautiful?

    Our kitchen renovation plan included removing the original, boring stainless steel sink and replacing it with a farmhouse-style sink with drainboards. There were a few options in local antique stores, but they were usually scratched and worn fairly heavily — and not cheap. We discovered NBI Drainboard Sinks, found this model, and decided to go with it. It’s just a *little* bit more expensive than antique models (and by “little”, I mean less than a hundred bucks more expensive which is a microscopic bump in any kitchen reno budget). And believe me, the additional investment is absolutely worth it! Standard 8″ center holes for your modern fixture, easy to handle, and EASY to install — this is a no-brainer for any DIY’er out there seeking this kind of look in their planned kitchen. My wife and I could not be more pleased, and we would heartily recommend NBI to anyone in the market for a drainboard sink.

  4. Robin Whyte

    I bought this sink in April, so I can’t speak to its durability yet. But I absolutely love it. I’d been looking for a vintage double drainboard sink for my 1930s colonial house, which originally had such a sink by Kohler (which no longer makes them). But the vintage sinks were expensive, their quality was iffy, and the shipping was prohibitive. When I realized a sink I was considering would be close to $2000, I decided I would have to give up my dream and settle for something more pedestrian. Enter NBI Drainboard Sinks. The price was incredibly reasonable. They shipped immediately and the packing was super-professional. And the sink is beautiful. You would think by looking at or touching it that it was cast iron …. No fear that it will look (or feel) like the old acrylic sinks/showers. It’s easy to clean. Everyone who sees my remodeled kitchen exclaims over the sink first thing. I look forward to enjoying it for many years. So glad I found you! Thank you!

  5. J. Riviere

    I purchased this sink for a cottage remodel. I had a few questions about the height of the backsplash before I could make my decision. My phone call was answered the first time that I called and the friendliest PERSON (not machine) answered the phone and all of my concerns. I ordered my sink and received it in 2 days packed perfectly. My husband had a Question about mounting the sink, so I called back and had to leave a message. My phone call was returned within 45 minutes and our conversation was helpful and delightful. I love my new sink, it is gorgeous!!! Very easy to install.

  6. Lorraine Shapiro

    Hi Kent,
    I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I love my double drainboard sink. My husband and I just moved into our newly built home. I started my search for a sink many months ago and found your company through another website. I was confident that I had found my sink. My builder and my husband were concerned about the material as well as the depth. You answered promptly any questions that we had and I was adamant about getting this sink. I am so glad that I did. I LOVE MY SINK! It is beautiful. It has a lovely gloss to it. The sink depth is more than adequate. Honestly, it would lose its charm if it were much deeper. The sink is very easy to care for. I swish some soap and water around and rinse it thoroughly and then dry it. My concerns about having to baby it are gone. I even wipe out my cast iron pans in it and I have had no problems.
    Thank you so much for a beautiful, American made product. It truly is the show piece of our new kitchen.

  7. Carrie

    We’ve had our sink close to a month. It was very simple to install. It’s easy to clean, durable, and just the farmhouse look we wanted. It has been worth the money we spent on it! We would purchase it again 🙂

  8. carol chamberlain

    Just had this sink installed in my new old home. It replaced an old battered cast drainboard sink of the same design. Fit nicely on the old metal cabinet too. Beautiful! Getting lots of compliments too!

  9. Tim Loesch

    I purchased this sink to replace an original farmhouse sink that we had resurfaced – which ultimately failed. Our story is essentially the same as the one relayed on this site. We ignored the advice of our local refinisher and had them do it on our sink anyways. Cost us a total of $325 and it has delaminated badly to the point where we wished we had not done it at all. After some on-line research we found this sink.

    This sink has been the ticket and I wish I had gone this way. Pure white, seems durable, and looks like porcelain. I like it because I wash dishes in it and its more forgiving than porcelain – that is I don’t break as many glasses!

    It’s actually a bit anti-climatic because people don’t realize it’s a new sink. It looks so much like the original and doesn’t seem like we got a new sink. I think that is a testament to the quality and look of the sink.

    The only thing I thought was strange is that there are no attach points on the sink. It attaches to the counter top with caulk alone. So far so good but I am suspect that it might move.

    I rate this product a 9 out of 10 at this point in time.

  10. Tim Loesch

    Oh yea – I forgot to mention that it was easy to install. Light and easy to work with.

  11. Chad Arkenberg

    I bought the sink about 5 months ago and I wanted to wait a little while before reviewing it. The sink is very beautiful, shiny, and is almost an exact replacement for our old worn out sink. The sink installed very easily and it looks great. The sink was actually a little smaller in width (1/4”) than our original sink, but it worked fine. The backsplash was also a little shorter than the original but that didn’t matter. I am sure these old sinks all varied in size from one another. Overall, I was very happy with the appearance of the sink once it was installed.

    At first I was very hesitant to buy the sink sight unseen because the sink was expensive, but I figured it was still a much cheaper alternative than having the old one redone. That said I am still curious as to how long the sink will last. My wife and I are already seeing scratches on it some of which are easily visible and we are VERY careful when we wash dishes. More careful than most I would think and we even use a sink mat to protect the finish. We have also experienced some temporary staining of the sink. The culprit was spaghetti sauce that was left in the sink while we ate. We bleached it and that helped, but the stain stayed visible for a few days before it disappeared on its own. We now make sure that we immediately rinse anything that could stain the sink and we’ve had no more issues. Still, the sink is much better than our old sink which would get stained by everything. My biggest concern after 5 months of use is how scratched up the sink will get over the several years. If I could have found a new porcelain sink I would went with that but they don’t make them anymore. It’s nice to see that someone at least makes a quality replica of the old sinks!

    In conclusion, I would definitely recommend the product to someone else, but I would make them aware that the sink will get scratched no matter how careful you are. It is basically plastic (I know acrylic) which is not as hard as porcelain.

  12. Amy G

    I love my new NBI sink. It’s so close to the original style that I do not “miss” my old porcelain sink. It is durable, no scratches yet, though I have been extra careful when washing a cast iron pan. I’ve had no issues with draining cooked foods and the sink cleans up easily with no apparent stains occurring. The sink arrived securely packaged and according to my plumber was easy to install. I wanted a sink with 2 drainboards like my original style and this one is great!

  13. Connie Selvius

    I love my new sink! It’s not installed yet, but it’s exactly what I was hoping for!

  14. Chanin Miller

    Customer service was great when i had questions they were all answered in a timely fashion. This sink looks great everyone thinks its real and really matches the style i was going for. My only complaint was the drain boards on each side where not level. Once the hole in my counter top was cut and then sink was placed in the hold the drain board part did not sit evenly on top like the instructions said. My contractor had to cut a bigger hole that did encompass the defects. Beware that during installation there may be some snags and the sink may have some un-level manufactured defects. Over all the product is sturdy and looks great. Although everything worked out in the end, the product looks so great i still would recommend it.

  15. Elizabeth Davis

    I looked at this sink for almost three years while I was planning on how I wanted to remodel the kitchen. It was finally time to order the sink and accessories. It arrived before I even had the contractors start on my home, but it didn’t stop me from opening the box. It was absolutely perfect. Also, the accessories are absolutely beautiful…and heavy. They were definitely worth the cost. I could not wait until the granite to show up, because the next step was my sink. It fit perfectly. There was no warping or lopsidedness to the sink. I can’t thank you enough. It is stunning and the talk of my newly remodeled kitchen!! BTW – I cannot believe how many people are going back to the drainboard sinks. No more water all over my counters!

  16. Edwynna Spanne

    Our home was built in 1948 and we have kept the original metal kitchen cabinets and cast iron double drain board sink. After so many years the sink was rusting away, literally. After searching for months, I came across the NBI site and couldn’t believe they offered the exact same double drainboard sink I had been looking for with the exact measurements. The best part was that it was brand new, not an old cast iron sink in so-so condition. Plus it is lightweight so I wasn’t concerned about something really heavy on the old metal cabinets. I The sink came in a few days and is absolutely beautiful. We had our contractor install it, but it fit so well, we could have done it ourselves. Ken was so helpful, answering questions before we put in the order. He even offered to speak to our contractor if they had problems with the installation. It has been over a month and the sink looks just as nice as when it was installed. It cleans easily, no stains, no scratches. Very durable and a pleasure to have. I did buy two clear plastic mats because I was concerned when I scrub the pans that the metal might scratch the sink. We have had no problems at all. Also we ordered the brass drain kit. Very good quality, heavy duty, not like you would find in a big box hardware store. We are so very satisfied and absolutely love the sink. I would recommend the NBI products to everyone

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