How durable is an NBI Drainboard? Take a look at these video demonstrations!

A Brief on Bio-Lok

Bio-Lok is a premium grade cast acrylic sheet manufactured by Aristech Acrylics LLC. Located in Florence Kentucky, Aristech is one of the world’s leading and premier manufacturers of continuous cast acrylic and solid surface materials. Bio-Lok, a product of Aristech, is a cast acrylic sheet that is non-porous making it an ideal material for the manufacture of quality kitchen and bath products. NBI incorporates and combines Bio-Lok with FRP lamination to produce the durable and quality products we manufacture.

Bio-Lok characterizes the surface of Aristech Acrylics’ sheets.

Microbe Shield: Protection or defense against microbes. The non-porous nature of Aristech’s BIO-LOK sheet defends against the penetration of microorganisms into the surface.

Free from added chemicals: Aristech’s Bio-Lok sheets do not contain any anti-microbial chemicals, pesticides or other additives.

Non-Porous: without pores or holes. Aristech’s Bio-Lok sheets do not have the pores or holes that represent a desirable habitat for microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi and germs, as well as the food sources they need to reproduce and survive.

Easy to Clean: Because Aristech’s Bio-Lok sheet is non-porous all dirt is surface dirt that can be easily removed.

Durable: lasting for a long time, especially without sustaining damage or wear. Aristech’s Bio-Lok sheets maintain their color and gloss over years of use with the appropriate care and maintenance.

Product Profile

Below: A cut-away side profile illustrating the composition of an NBI sink.

Bio-Lok™ acrylic sheets used to manufacture our products will meet or exceed the following American National Standards Institute specifications: ANSI-Z-124.1, ANSI-Z-124.2, and ANSI-Z-124.3.