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A popular and improved reproduction of a classic mid-century design. This dual basin model has been improved with 8″ basin depths to serve well with larger capacities. The dual basins are flanked by spacious fluted drainboards to the right and left sides making this a true workhorse for a busy kitchen. Both drain outlets are drilled to a standard 3.5″ diameter. Manufactured in-house from durable reinforced cast acrylic, this reproduction achieves excellent durability and ease of care while maintaining an authentic vintage style. Quality assured by our five-year manufacturer’s warranty and your satisfaction guaranteed or your money back per our 30 day return policy.

  • Dual basins for washing and rinsing.
  • Basin depth: 8″
  • Integrated 3″ backsplash.
  • Left and right side drainboards.
  • Standard faucet holes are drilled on 8″ centers.
  • Optional holes for sprayer-soap dispenser.
  • Drain holes drilled to 3.5″ diameter.
  • Overall dimensions: 65.5″ L x 24.5″ W (front to back) x 4.5″ H (from bottom flange to the top of backsplash,11.5″ when including sink basin.
  • The combined basin width is approximately 37.5″ L (side to side) X 16.5″ W (front to back).
  • All measurements ±1/4″

Please note: The combined basin width of this model may interfere with some smaller modular sink base cabinets. Please verify that you have a minimum available width of 37.5″ within your base cabinet.  



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Additional information

Weight 45.00 lbs
Dimensions 68 × 27 × 13 in
Available Colors

White, Biscuit, Almond

Optional drilling for sprayer / soap dispenser

Add None (Standard 3 hole as shown), Add 1 additional hole to the RIGHT of standard 3 holes, Add 1 additional hole to the LEFT of standard 3 holes, Add 2 additional holes (1 RIGHT & 1 LEFT of standard 3 holes)

12 reviews for Double Bowl Double Drainboard Sink – Model #DBDW6625

  1. Debbie

    I love my NBI double drainboard sink! Not only is it extremely beautiful, it is extremely functional. No more water splashing behind the sink or on the counters. This sink is everything a sink should be, an appliance that makes working in the kitchen a pleasure. Everyone who’s see it, loves it too.
    Foodstuff that tends to stain or stick cleans up easily with warm water, soap and a sponge.

    Every since I saw a vintage 1926 cast iron drainboard sink, several years ago I have wanted one. I was on the verge of buying a refurbished cast iron drainboard sink when I found NBI. I’m so glad I searched one more time to find a replica and found NBI. I’m not sure my older cabinets would have held the weight of a cast iron sink.

    Only one word of caution with the size – make sure you have enough room for the bowls to seat in the counter top. Mine fit in with almost no room to spare, but I love it so much I would have scarified a drawer if necessary. If you have any questions on what is required the staff at NBI will surely help you out. Not only is this product top notch, the service at NBI was remarkable too.

    I cannot say enough good things about this sink or the service. I’m just tickled pink (as my grandma would say) to have such a wonder and unique sink. I would recommend NBI sinks to anyone who’s tired of the norm and wants something functional, beautiful and unique.

  2. Erin and Enid Lassley

    The most gorgeous and affordable double drainboard sink in biscuit colour showed up yesterday and it is stunning! Within the next month or 2, this will be installed in a brand new house on our acreage. I showed it to my boss, co-workers, and my landlord who were all duly impressed with the quality and finish. I was able to look at the cross section and you’ve done well by making it plenty thick to the point that any thicker would just make it heavy, cumbersome, and expensive.

  3. Melissa Johnson

    I love this double drainboard sink. I searched high and low for a sink like this. We have built a log cabin and it fit right in with the style I was looking for.

    Love how it is easy to maintain and no worries of water getting behind the skin or on counters…

  4. Shirley Parker

    When we bought our cabin, it had a vintage cast iron drainboard sink in it that was in need of major repair. While searching for someone to refurbish it, I can across NBI. The best search result I could have clicked on. It fit perfectly into the counter where the old one was removed without any mods being needed.

    Thanks so much for the pride and craftsmanship you put into each of your sinks. It shows as soon as you remove it from the packing, and now the pride of my kitchen.

    And yes, I kept the old one, after all, it is vintage, and will be needed to be restored to it glory again someday.

  5. Vicki

    Received my new sink. It has not been installed yet. It is beautiful and light weight! Can’t wait to get installed in our remodeled 1890’s Apalachicola home!

  6. Sharon

    I haven’t moved into our house yet but have been happily using the sink for a couple of weeks during the renovation. Washing out dirty rags, paint brushes and such. My new white sink is awesome and gorgeous. I love the roundness of the basins which makes it easy to clean. I presently have a similar commercial stainless sink that I love as well but this sink feels cleaner with its white smooth surface.

    It arrived in a timely fashion, we checked it out upon arrival as instructed but several weeks later when we brought it into the kitchen to be installed we noticed a 1/2 inch chip on the very front bottom edge or lip of the sink that we missed. Not a big deal for me and not worth sending back and does not affect the function of the sink.

    The bigger problem was that the sink was slightly warped on the right side and did not sit comfortably on the new counter top. To solve the problem, my installer weighted the sink down and caulked around the sink and left it overnight. So far it seems fine.

    We also had a heck of a time getting it installed. I had accounted for everything except the low window sill. There was room for the back of the sink with a couple of inches to spare but we still ended up having to pull out the counter to get the basins in the cut outs. Luckily we had chosen a laminate counter and not a solid surface. Just a warning, you need more than a couple of inches to spare between the top of the sink back and the window sill to get this sink in if the counter top is permanently in place.

    I was more than happy to find this sink, it is just what I wanted and looks great in my 1948 era kitchen. Thank you NBI for making these reproductions.

    I am giving it 4 stars because of the flaws but I expect the sink to give me a 5 star experience.

  7. LaDonna

    I purchased this sink for a kitchen remodel and could not be more pleased. I was worried when it was first installed as it was scratched during installation by the countertop crew. I was worried I would have to purchase a new sink but I called and was sent a scratch repair kit free of charge with instructions. My contractor used the kit and buffed the scratch out. Now I cant’t even tell the scratch was there and it looks as good as new! The cost may seem pricey compared to other kitchen sinks but I think it is worth every penny. It is easy to clean and I’m proud to show it off.

  8. Carla

    I absolutely LOVE my new drainboard sink! I have an old porcelain sink with drainboards that needed to be replaced. I went to Lowe’s & Home Depot thinking I could find something similar. Not even close to what I had. I was so disappointed. I loved my old sink. Loved the drainboards. I thought I would have to go with regular counter tops. I was on my iPad googling drainboard sinks & found NBI. I called an ordered my sink, it was delivered in 4 days! I just got it installed and I can’t stop looking at it. It is beautiful! I grew up with the drainboard sink and they are so wonderful. I recommend them to anyone who is remodeling or building a new home to check them out. They are extremely efficient. Remember NBI is the place to order. They have a variety of styles to suit your needs. I highly recommend them!

  9. Suzy

    I can not tell you how excited I was to get my double drain board sink! We are building a “farmhouse” and after trying my best to have an original cast iron sink refinished, I realized that wasn’t going to happen.i stumbled upon nbi and fell in love with their sinks and Fausets! We haven’t installed yet,because house is still under construction,but I unpacked it and couldn’t stop rubbing it! Maybe I can update review after its installed!

  10. Cyndy

    This review is long overdue. Installed the sink and is better than I could have ever imagined. And better than the product is the service you get from NBI. Don’t hesitate to purchase this sink if you think it could work for you

    The ONLY issue that I am experiencing is that it is very difficult to find a sink grid that will fit. I have been shopping for months and can not locate one. I wish it was an available accessory

  11. Paula Hall

    I built my kitchen around this sink. Literally, I took the sink size and dimensions to my contractor and told them the cabinets and counters had to compliment and fit my sink.
    I have always wanted a double drainboard sink since I saw one in an old house we visited when I was little. I couldn’t locate an original that was in good shape, and restored original sinks and the shipping were not cost effective. Doing a search, I came across this sink. It’s perfect! It looks good, easily installed and people think it’s an original cast iron when they see it. It is very durable, easily cleans up, and looks great! Highly recommend.

  12. Constance M. First

    Absolutely beautiful!!! The entire process was seamless….from selecting the correct sink, obtaining assistance from the staff for the correct hardware and the delivery. I have shared NBI drainboard information with others, who want to purchase a vintage sink. I love it! 5 stars and A++++

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